The Hunter School was established in 1977 by Mrs. Marilyn Hunter and has continued
a long tradition of loving, quality education for children over the past 33 years. 

From birth, your child is excited about everything in his/her environment.  These early years are the most important years in a child’s development.  Your child acquires more information between the ages of 2 and 5 then any other period in his/her life.  He/she is, at this time developing traits that form his/her individual character.

The Hunter School bases its concept of pre-school education on the importance of the development process during these very special early years.  

The main objective of our program is to encourage and support the development of each unique individual.  We want to help each child realize their full potential for cognitive, emotional and physical growth.  

We provide a positive, enriching, educational and happy experience for your child.  There is a rich environment of materials for children to explore, and there are many opportunities for learning through experience.


The teachers at The Hunter School are enthusiastic, energetic, loving and patient.
They are gifted with the ability to communicate and relate to the children in a fun and stimulating manner.
They are always available to speak with you about your child and the school.  

Laurie Lally, Director, Teacher
Mrs. Pat Prestipino- “Mrs. P.”, Teacher


Some important experiences and goals we have for the children are: