Our Pre-K program meets on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9AM until 11:30 for the morning session.
Our 3 yr old Nursery program meets on Wednesday and Friday mornings from 9 AM to 11:30 .  

An Extended day program for Pre-K students is offered from 11:30 until 2PM on Monday and Tuesday for students who are ready for a longer day. Students could stay one or both days and would bring their lunch and then have an afternoon activity.  

We also offer an afternoon enrichment program called “Four and More” on Thursday from 11:30 until 2 PM for older fours and five year olds with a smaller class size and material that is geared to give them a little bit more to enhance what they have learned in the regular Pre-K class.

Progress Reports 
Progress reports are issued mid year and again in late May. 
Performance is indicated by a “G” for good, or a “W” for “Working On It”. 
Some areas are not covered at this time and are indicated by “NA” for “Not Applicable”.

Performance is reviewed in Fine and Gross Motor Skills, Social Habits, Communications and Work Habits. 
Please understand that each child is reviewed independently. The progress report reflects their progress at a given point in time. 
It also reflects the performance that we see most of the time. 
If you have areas of concern regarding your child, please speak with one of the teachers. If necessary, we will arrange a conference.