Your child will learn some sign language at The Hunter School… 

Sign Language is a visual-manual language that involves movement. It helps to develop hand-eye coordination along with fine motor skills. Signs are generally easy to do and are often recognizable because many are iconic (they look like the word they represent) in nature. When practicing letters/sounds and some words, students are often given the associated sign to aid as a visual. It keeps students focused and interested, while helping them improve their reading ability.
Just a Few Facts:

*American Sign Language is the 3rd most commonly used language in the United States .
*Sign Language builds linguistic and literacy skills
*William "Dummy" Hoy (1862-1961), the first Deaf Major League baseball player, was the reason the umpires adopted hand signals: "out", "safe", and "strike".
*In 1894, the Gallaudet University football team invented the football huddle to keep the opponents from eavesdropping on the quarterback in American Sign Language.

Did You Know?

That we remember:
10% of what we read;
20% of what we hear;
30% of what we see;
50% of what we hear and see at the same time;
70% of what we hear, see, and say; and
90% of what we hear, see, say, and do.

For more information, here are some resources:

Dancing With Words
by Marilyn Daniels